Monday, September 15, 2008

Addison's First Vacation

Well we spent last week preparing for hurricane Ike, and Addison was pretty tired after helping hold plywood all day. It looked like it was going to hit Corpus, so we boarded up the house and left town for the Texas Hill Country. The trip turned out to be Addison's first vacation, which included her first restaurant experience. We had a great time and hope everyone in the Houston area is alright.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Having her home is FUN!!

Well, its been a couple of days and she is such a joy. I catch myself just sitting there staring at her. She is such an angel. The crazy thing is she is sleeping pretty good through the night. I am averaging about 6 hours of sleep at night. We had one bad night were she decided that she wanted to be awake but I got her to sleep and it has been great the other two nights. I know it is too early to tell but I have decided to be optimistic about it. She had her first doctor's appt yesterday and she has put on 8 ounces in 3 days and 1 inch since birth so she is growing tons everyday. Everything else looks good and no more problems!!! I caught myself driving extremely slow and taking all precautions as I drove the 1/2 mile to the doctor's office. I now understand why new mother's don't go anywhere it takes a lot of time to get everything ready to leave. We are doing great and are excited about all the new aventures everyday holds.