Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We are having so much fun with Addison and are taking so many pictures. I hope that you are enjoying the ones we post. Thanks to Aunt Mika we got our halloween costume. She absolutely loves her costume and just laid there as we took several hundred pictures. She can't wait for halloween so she can hand out candy to the trick or treaters.
Every Sunday we watch football and she loves sitting with her dad and watching whatever game he has on. In fact she won't take her eyes off the screen.
Thanks to Cousin Noelle she is always dressed in the cutest outfit and has a bow to match everything. Thank goodness because you can never have too many bows.
Her newest thing is loving to sit up with her dad and watch the baseball playoffs. She has really been working at holding her head up and what is better than sitting up and watching baseball.
Grandma and Pawpaw came in this weekend and she loved seeing them. She has now seen all of her Great grandparents and can't wait to spend more time with them.
She is changing so much and is getting so big!! I can't believe that she is already 8 weeks old and is having her two month birthday on Saturday. Happy Birthday!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


We'll there is a first time for everything, and Addison had her share this month. She got to meet aunt Mika, take SEVERAL baths, go to church, and hang out with her great -grandparents. To top it all off we got to witness the marriage of Addison's great-grandmother, Dotty Hill, to Sid Duerr. We could not be happier for them.